The Container Connection  is one of the largest ranges of planter. The Container Connection offers planter series such as cootapot, lechuzo, steel smart, fabulous foliage, Karka, ceramalite, fibre smart, pods and planters. The sub irrigation facility from The Container Connection provides facility to reduce as well as control nature’s ground water. The capillary in sub irrigation is balanced so that there is always an optimal degree of moisture in the soil. The Container Connection offers accessories such as invisible coaster to suit Lechuza Classico or Quadro, litter management accessories plinths, planter stand to suit Karaka karaka bowls, bandings, security wires and ash lids to suit most litter management products.

The Container Connection offers Karaka series such as Karaka pots, small oil jars, tall oil jars, kaha wall vases, geometrix short square, Karaka bowls, geometrix tall squares, geometrix troughs. The sub-irrigation services from The Container Connection comprises of features such as the senator, the president, cottapot cone and contemporary.