The Australian Trellis Door Company’s latest addition to its trellis door range is the new Double Diamond Door.

Introduced in response to a need to secure fire egress doors, this trellis door has a 65mm pitch between the metal components, preventing a person putting their hand through to reach the snib/handle egress on the inside. Entry is by key access only. It operates as a trellis expanding door and a hinged gate at the same time. Its unique design has sharp lines, is very secure by night and preserves retail displays.

Available up to a height of 2100mm, this door is also excellent for securing bar counters and securing smaller size retail items. It is virtually impossible to squeeze products through the door.

Double diamond doors are ideally used on fire escapes or any area or doorway where it is necessary to be able to open from the other side with a thumb turn lock.

Uses for the Double Diamond Door:

- Fire escapes

- Old age homes

- Wine cellars

- One way restricted traffic areas