The Australian Trellis Door Company announces that its SO6 shopfront security doors have achieved a new security rating after being tested against Australian Standards requirements. 

The security rating tests for ATDC’s SO6 trellis security door were carried out by Azuma Design, a NATA accredited testing laboratory. Having passed the Dynamic Impact and Anti-Jemmy tests earlier in 2013, the SO6 has now passed the last relevant test deemed applicable for trellis type door systems, namely the Pull test wherein a significant Newton Pull force is applied for specified lengthy periods of time with mechanical levers at various points on the trellis door mesh in an attempt to force it open. 

The latest security rating not only proves the quality of ATDC’s range of shopfront security doors but is also a vote of confidence in the integrity and skills of ATDC’s management team and engineering department. 

ATDC’s unique accomplishment of getting the security rating as measured by Australian Standard 5039 for its trellis security doors should give the consumer full confidence that the SO6 model will provide the protection of a security barrier to meet one of the highest quality standards. 

ATDC’s shopfront security doors are now being utilised to secure many entertainment venues, movie houses, theatres, gaming areas, pubs, hotels and restaurants. In addition to Greater Union Cinemas, Reading Cinemas, Hoyts and Dendy Cinemas from the movie industry, hotels such as Star City Casino, Radisson Hotels, Accor Hotel Group, Sydney’s Regent Hotel and Marriott Hotels are using ATDC’s security systems.

In all these instances, ATDC’s SO6 shopfront security doors have been used to provide a barrier against forcible break in and enter and also against vandalism while its SO4-1 security door has been used more as an access control system providing a crowd control barrier within foyers, walkways and entries to movie houses.