The new series of security shutters from The Australian Trellis Door Company create piece of mind for business owners leaving their properties overnight and during other non-operational hours.

Security Shutters produced by The Australian Trellis Door Company match the high quality and durability of their renowned security trellis doors and grilles and also allow the business’s doorways, entrances and throughways completely unobstructed when required.

The easy to use Security Shutters can be rolled up manually or electronically into an inconspicuous slim-line pelmet box, leaving them out of view to customers during business hours.

The Australian Trellis Door Company has catered for various business customer needs by producing a series of these Security Shutters for different business situations.

The RS4 Slotted Vision Security Shutters have triangular slotted vision holes for ventilation and temperature reduction with the advantage of preserving fresh goods more effectively.

The RS5 and RS6 High Density Security Shutters enable business owners to cover large openings and broad frontage via wide span shutters whilst providing maximum security.

RS7 Clearvision Security Shutters provides clear through vision whilst providing business owners with security and protection from the elements, dust and vermin.

Whichever type of shutters business customers choose, The Australian Trellis Door Company will provide unobtrusive security that provides safety, protection to property, and that fits into a slimline box to be hidden from sight.