The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) installed a parallel overhead tracking sliding door system for the Glue Store at Melbourne’s Emporium shopping centre, delivering significant space saving storage benefits.

The Glue Store installation involved securing a 27-metre wide store frontage (at a height of 4 metres) and configuring the overhead door system so that it folded back into a mere 2-metre stacking area once unlocked and opened.

For the Glue Store application, ATDC used their multi-panel S07-2 side-by-side-stacking overhead door system on a parallel top track, achieving a user-friendly seamless lock up for the retailer through the use of multiple intermediate up/down locking mechanisms.

For further information on a recent side-by-side project where ATDC utilised a triple track split option for even greater space saving advantages, please visit ATDC’s website