What do EBS doors and luxury handbags have in common? Our market-leading thermally-efficient insulated rapid roller doors maintain optimal climate conditions for leather goods production, enhancing efficiency and reducing energy costs.

Leather goods, such as handbags, wallets, and belts, require meticulous production and storage. As a natural material, leather is sensitive to temperature, humidity, and dust. Therefore, leather goods manufacturing facilities must maintain optimal climate conditions to ensure product quality and durability.

How do insulated rapid roller doors benefit leather goods manufacturers?

Improved thermal efficiency

Leather bag manufacturing consumes significant energy, mainly in the form of electricity and heat.

Insulated rapid roller doors minimise heat transfer between the facility and the external environment, maintaining a stable temperature for leather goods.

Proper humidity control prevents leather from cracking, shrinking, and fading, while also providing an ideal working climate for personnel.

Reduced energy costs

Insulated rapid roller doors decrease energy usage within the facility, reducing the need for heating or cooling to maintain the desired temperature.

This cost-saving measure lowers electricity bills and contributes to a smaller carbon footprint.

Customer success story: Luxury leather goods manufacturer

Our customer, a luxury leather goods manufacturer, produces and stores handbags in a temperature-controlled facility in Australia. They wanted to ensure precise climate control and reduce energy costs.

THERMOspeed insulated high-speed doors

EBS supplied and installed insulated rapid roller doors that met the requirements. Specifically, we implemented THERMOspeed® insulated high-speed doors in critical climate zones and FASTfold PVC high-speed doors for external door openings.

EBS - Your trusted supplier

EBS, a leading supplier of insulated rapid roller doors in Australia, offers tailored solutions for various industries.

Our expertise extends to cold storage/logistics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage production, and now the high-end leather goods manufacturing industry.

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