Double diamond safety barriers were recently installed by The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) at the entry to the new ferry terminal in Barrangaroo, Sydney. The S04-1 DD double diamond safety barriers were designed to ensure public safety, a major concern for the government client. ATDC had to overcome significant challenges to meet the installation’s demanding requirements, with the location involving the movement of high volumes of pedestrian traffic at peak times.

The client’s brief sought a safety barrier that would meet the relevant requirements of Australian Standard AS 4687-4007 for Temporary Fencing and Hoardings – this meant, the safety barrier had to comply with The Simulated Climbing Test, The Impact Test, The Foothold Aperture Test, and The Wind Force Overturn Test.

The safety barrier was approved for installation after ATDC successfully passed these stringent tests at an independent NATA testing facility in Sydney (except the Wind Force Overturn Test, which couldn’t be properly done as the safety barrier had an open grille design).

ATDC’s portable safety barrier is the only one of its type in Australia that is now safety rated and compliant under the relevant Australian Standards. ATDC’s safety barriers already hold an independently certified WHS certification rating under the relevant Australian OHS legislation.

Following the successful certification, ATDC was officially specified by Cox Architects for the prestigious government project. ATDC collaborated with Cox on all design aspects of the installation including finding the optimum way of configuring the safety barriers so that they could be stored in the most space-efficient way. The design required some sections of the safety barrier to be lockable while others remained open at the same time to control pedestrian flows during peak periods. Gartner Rose served as the project managers on the safety barrier installation.

The safety barriers at Barrangaroo were installed at a height of 2400mm, the maximum height available being 2520mm. Other height options are available on request while width is unlimited. Each of the safety barrier spans at Barrangaroo measured approximately 8500mm wide.

ATDC’s portable safety barriers not only meet high safety objectives but also deliver a technologically advanced product with special features including compliance for emergency egress under the Building Code of Australia (BCA) where required; innovative double lattice mesh preventing persons from reaching through the safety barrier; and different options for seamless secure down-locking mechanisms.

Featuring a steel construction, ATDC’s safety barriers are trackless, fully mobile and portable, and can span unlimited widths without any overhead support structure. Aluminium safety barriers are also available optionally.

ATDC’s safety barriers find application in diverse environments, securing temporary tenancies, pop-up stores, warehouse loading areas, work-safe areas and construction sites, providing access control for public utilities and government facilities, and ensuring crowd control for public venues among many more.

ATDC’s safety barriers are now sold in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Newcastle, Geelong, Townsville and Darwin as well as in all regional centres across Australia.