Folding closures from The Australian Trellis Door Company are an ideal bi-folding door application to secure retail shopfronts in shopping centres and airports, bar counter tops, doorways and mall enclosures. Folding closures are constructed from aluminium, are attractive, lightweight and easy to use. A new low -friction continuous hinge system on the folding closures means that the bi-fold closures are easy to use, require less moving parts, and need less maintenance overall.

Folding closures are available in a variety of materials, including high performance tempered glass and polycarbonate. The tempered glass folding closures offer  excellent visibility and  protection. Polycarbonate folding closures, provides impact-resistance in a surprisingly light package.  These closures are also available with a perforated aluminium in-fill, which combines transparency with the strength of aluminium for good-looking protection and ventilation.

Store front openings are maximised through the use of the folding closures due to the fact that the folding closures can be installed to a curved opening, and stacked in the same line as the door or diverted away. With a Project Manager to oversee each job, ATDC are well organised and practised in co-ordination of all project requirements, specifications, OH&S, WMS’s.