A commercial bifold door system from The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) installed in a triple top track configuration helped overcome storage space limitations at a jewellery store fitout.

Working on a commercial fitout project for Natalie Marie Jewellery at Avalon in Sydney, Annandale based interior architect X+O specified an S07-2 side-by-side parallel top track arrangement for ATDC’s commercial bifold door at the front of the retail store. An important design objective was to minimise the side stacking depth of the door in order to provide maximum retail frontage for the client.

However, on site, project manager LJW Building had to resolve the problem of even further door storage space limitations, requiring a maximum stack depth of 8% of the shopfront span. ATDC, therefore, installed their bifold door in a triple top track configuration, helping achieve a door stack of just 450mm over a 5700mm shopfront opening span.

This configuration is an important advantage for retailers and other commercial businesses operating from expensive rented premises and trying to squeeze every possible square metre of trading space.

ATDC’s triple track system offers seamless lock up with a series of intermittent up/down locking mechanisms without needing any floor track or removable mullions.

ATDC’s commercial bifold doors are now sold in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide as well as in all regional centres across the country including Darwin, Townsville, Hobart, Geelong, Newcastle, and the Sunshine and Gold Coast regions. They are also being exported throughout South East Asia, the Asia Pacific, the Pacific Islands and the UAE.

ATDC also fabricates a full range of folding closure commercial bifold doors.