The Australian Trellis Door Company announces the availability of their expandable barriers for immediate hire in Australia’s major capital cities. The increasing demand for rental expandable barriers was a key driver in this development.

The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) now has a dedicated stock of fully assembled rental expandable barriers.

Rental expandable barriers are often required on an urgent basis; ATDC has, therefore, streamlined the rental process to enable customers to transact quickly. Customers have to simply sign a basic two-page Hire Agreement listing the essential terms and pick up the expandable barriers from one of ATDC’s warehouses or have them delivered to the site the next day. The customer can choose from long, medium or short-term leases to meet specific project requirements.

Key features of ATDC’s expandable barriers for hire include steel construction; completely trackless and fully mobile design; standard height of 2020mm allowing transportation through standard legal height doorways; unlimited span; angled and curved configurations available; 75mm heavy duty non marking thermoplastic castors for smooth operation; minimum width of 500mm for overall bottom wheel base; independently OH&S certified for safe operation; and multiple locking options including break wheels on the bottom castors, wall mounted or floor mounted lock plates and many more.

ATDC’s expandable rental barriers can also be modified to allow emergency egress without the use of keys. Where required, ATDC’s expandable barriers for hire can be installed to comply with the provisions of Australian Standards AS 4687-2007 for Temporary Fencing and Hoardings.

Applications for ATDC’s rental expandable barriers include securing temporary tenancies (such as pop-up shops); providing temporary security when the main perimeter door to a premises is damaged and not functioning or awaiting service or repair; providing security to new premises when the main perimeter door is not yet installed due to fitout or manufacturing delays; securing temporary designated retail areas in shopping centres; providing temporary hoarding during fitout of new premises or for building and construction sites; resolving short term OH&S concerns; and temporary events, exhibitions and public engagements.

Image: Approximately 40 lineal metres of expandable barriers for hire currently being used by Samsung at Westfield Parramatta in Sydney to secure their temporary pop-store.