Commercial grade folding closures from The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) were selected by the administrators of the Kensington Secondary School near Perth, WA to secure the school building. ATDC’s folding closures were installed to secure multiple areas of this independent public school.

ATDC’s polycarbonate infilled doors were selected for a number of reasons including the fact that they allow light to pass through the translucent materials and also protect the school from outside elements. The ability to lock the closures in the open position using the seamless up/down locking mechanisms was another deciding factor since it prevented students from moving the doors.

ATDC’s sideway stacking folding closures are also available with other infill options including a ventilated perforated mesh infill and a solid aluminium sheeting infill. Powdercoated finishes are available from the Dulux Australia powdercoat range.

ATDC’s stylish commercial folding closures are recommended for securing schools, universities, colleges, TAFEs and other educational buildings.