The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) has introduced a new range of concertina style security screens featuring retractable flyscreens. The new system addresses a major challenge faced by ATDC’s engineers when adapting flyscreen mesh to collapsible style screens due to the risk of the insect screen mesh becoming intertwined within the moving parts of the security screens.

The new solution uses a high quality spring loaded flyscreen, which retracts in tandem with the security screens and slides along a fully captive extruded aluminium top and bottom track, rolling into a concealed slimline pelmet box on the side of the opening.

ATDC’s precision engineered solution meets a growing customer demand for security screens that not only provide formidable security but also assure protection from insects and other vermin. Similar in colour to the security screens, the insect screens are almost invisible and unnoticeable, blending into the surrounds.

ATDC’s new retractable security screens can be used to secure a broad range of residential openings including sliding glass doors, patio doors, alcoves, carports, French doors, windows, passageways, front doors and bi fold glass doors.

Key advantages of ATDC’s security screens include ability to provide formidable security, discreetly folding out of sight when not in use behind curtains or blinds; maximum sunlight allowed into the room even when locked, securing the room while permitting free flow of fresh air and ventilation, and preventing flies and other insects from entering the premises through the screen; marine grade aluminium or toughened steel construction; multi point locking options; full frames for extra strength; and stainless steel rivets or brass rivets providing an extra level of home security.

ATDC’s extensive range of security screens is now sold in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Newcastle, Geelong and Townsville as well as in all other regional towns and centres across Australia.