The Australian Summerhouse Company  provides some standard kits which include detailed instructions and hardware. Some of the products designed and provided by The Australian Summerhouse Company include Dalkeith, Rotunda, Federation, Richmond, Sommerset, Canterbury etc.

Dalkeith is a rectangularly shaped summerhouse which is constructed using LOSP pine. Dalkeith is known to offer protection from harmful bacteria and termites. The roof is corrugated iron and can be obtained in either colourbond or zincalume. The kit will also include instructions for the installation of the summerhouse and hardware. The Australian Summerhouse Company through contractors also provides base preparation, which includes tiling.

Richmond is an octagonal summerhouse with timber finish which is ready to be painted. The Australian Summerhouse Company through contractors also offers painting of the summerhouses. Richmond consists of a cement roof that is compressed. Curved brackets are known to provide additional strength. The Australian Summerhouse Company also provides the delivery of the summerhouses and installation service.

Sommerset is an octagonal house with precision cut components. The body of Sommerset can be either open structure or enclosed structure.

Canterbury consists of notched cement roof and octagonal in shape. The various sizes available include 4.0m, 3.5m, 3.0m and 2.5m.