The Art Of Facades  is a façade designing company which is mainly involved in drafting and designing window systems, facades and curtain walls. The Art Of Facades has been established in 2004 and this company was started by David and Justin Lowe. Both David and Justin have a wide experience in façade designing.

The Art Of Facades has completed projects within Australia and worldwide. Some of the projects dealt by The Art Of Facades include Jollibee Plaze Philippines, Oberoi Hotel India, Dion Realities Malaysia, Chancellor Court Vietnam, Ministry of Finance Brunei and so on.

The Art Of Facades has staffs who are skilled and experienced to handle multi storey projects as well. Complete project management with respect to aluminium facades is handled by The Art Of Facades. In addition, The Art Of Facades also offers service packages to façade contractors as well as for builders, owners and architects.

Services offered by The Art Of Facades include production and workshop drawings, system design, design review, tender review, rectification of proposals and so on.