The Antique and Vintage Table Lamp Co  specialise in the sale of high end antique lamps, and have recently added a vintage example of the Chinese Imari style to their range of antique table lamps. The Antique and Vintage Table Lamp Co have more than 100 antique lamps on display.  

The Chinese Imari porcelain antique table lamp has a baluster shape with a domed cover, and is decorated in the traditional Imari palette of a rich cobalt blue and dark iron red, with touches of pale salmon enamel.  

The domed cover, shoulder and base of the Chinese Imari porcelain antique lamp are decorated with an alternating Ju’i lappet border, with a rectangular bonsai planter as the central decoration.  

The Chinese Imari porcelain antique lamp is mounted on a gold plated, Chinese, bronze, quatrefoil base and has an overall height of 25"/ 64 cm (including shade)