The Antique and Vintage Table Lamp Co  has just added a pair of Celadon lamps to its range of antique lighting.

Celadon is just one of the beautiful glazes used on Chinese ceramics.

The colour is derived from iron and ranges in tone from putty to sea- green. It is also intended to reflect the wide range of greens found in jade.

Celadon is usually greenish, high fired and applied to the surface of white porcelain.

This pair of beautiful lamps, made over 100 years ago, has now been restored to their original condition and is now ready to glow once again in a new setting. Fine quality antique lighting will always add to the look of an interior over a wide range of styles, from traditional, Oriental, eclectic or contemporary.

It was the French, who not only gave us the name for this exquisite colour but also named a full range of other sublime coloured glazes, still used as standards in the West today to identify the major range of Chinese ceramic colours.

Some of these names will be familiar such as Famille Jaune, or, the yellow family of glazes in which yellow is the predominant colour, Famille Noir, or the black family of coloured glazes, Famille Rose, or the pink family of colours and Famille Verte, or the green range of glazes.

Celadon is a firm favourite with The Antique & Vintage Table Lamp Co with it regularly making a stylish appearance. This beautiful pair of antique table lamps shows just how this coloured glaze is still as popular as ever with its elegant, cool, jade green depth of colour.

C/001 - A decorative pair of mirror image, Chinese Celadon table lamps. The shaped lamps with a pale, jade like, Celadon glaze and fitted with naturalistic handles.

The lamps decorated with mirror shaped reserves well painted in polychrome enamels with subjects of Mandarin pheasants perched in peonies and water birds at a lotus pond. The lamps with original gilded copper caps, standing on well carved, custom made to fit, rosewood bases.

This pair of well proportioned lamps was made around the turn of the 20th century and has been newly restored and rewired to original condition.

  • Circa 1900
  • Overall height (including shades) 19"/48cm