The mythology and superb design of ancient Greece has fascinated us for thousands of years and for centuries there have been constant revivals of the styles developed in the classical Greek world of 500 BC.  

In the early 18th century classical or neoclassical revival, the style pervaded every type of decorative art and by the early 1760s men like Robert Adam’s furniture designs were the height of fashionable style.  

With their refined eye for style and design, this simple, yet elegant line quickly crossed the channel into France, Adam’s neoclassical classical style became known as the “style Etruscan” and much favoured by the court of Louis XV.   

Enormous interest was generated by this smart neoclassical classical style and was further advanced by the beginnings of archaeology and the excavation of Greek vases which became models for new types of ceramics: Wedgwood’s jasperware (for which John Flaxman did many designs) in England and Sèvres porcelain in France.  

The Greek classical revival was restored to favour through the 1820’s especially in architecture and the decorative arts. This revival strengthened again in the 1860 -1870 period.   

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