In the world of interior design, the “English Look" has never been out of fashion, with comfortable, slightly worn, eclectic interiors. 

The room will be a rather mixed style with the contents of furniture, rugs and accumulated collections having been assembled over generations with artifacts brought home from India, Africa and other parts of the old British Empire.

The look, in general, will have a rather “shabby chicness” about it, although entirely pleasing to the eye, inviting and comfortable.  Furniture will not have perfect finishes; rugs will be a mixture of oriental, the colours of which have long since faded to pastels.  The walls, with the look full blown, will be crammed with paintings, prints, porcelain and pottery, mirrors and faded family photos all hanging on warm and friendly wallpaper, the windows draped with curtains of floral printed fabrics.

The ideal English look must have a fireplace for cold winter days and nights, with polished brass fire irons, fire screen and shaped fender, all gleaming in the fire light.

In addition, there are the lamps; and many of them.  Beautiful lamps will grace every table and sideboard.  Classic lamps with sumptuous, silk shade treatments such as knife and box pleating, shedding soft light around a room all aglow.

The Antique and Vintage Table Lamp Co , with a range of lamps ideally suited to compliment the perfect English look, can supply English lamps, French, Chinese and Japanese lamps in bright Imari colours, all authentic to the English look interior.

This cosy look, from a purely psychological point of view, is the right interior for the passionate collector, with endless scope for shelves of transfer decorated pottery, Staffordshire figures, Mason’s ironstone, snuff boxes, miniatures, silver and tea caddies, all lovingly displayed as a pleasing clutter, the accumulated collecting of two or three lifetimes. These collections perhaps arranged around a little accent lamp, bringing a special glow to silver and wax polished wood.

The English country style room is a real treasure, giving absolute freedom to choose from a wide range of periods.  This allows for the sheer pleasure of living in a space that never stops bringing joy to the heart.  This warm, contented decoration says “Home” upon entering the room, with springtime, a particular joy, with vases filled with fresh, garden flowers.