The Antique and Vintage Table Lamp Co's new arrival to its antique and decorative lighting range has just been added to its website. This is a lamp of stylish and classical proportion.

A Victorian, English lamp, made in the 1890-1900 period, is a handsome, solid example, combining brass and polished marble.

The lamp designed on the Corinthian Order; the overall height of the lamp, including the shade is 61 cm or 24".

The lamp, on a stepped brass base, is embossed with acanthus leaf, the column base fitted with a well defined, dark pink, white and black polished marble column. The finely polished column terminates in cleanly cast, brass, Corinthian capital embellished with a double row of cast stylized acanthus. This newly rewired lamp is in completely untouched original condition.

The title Corinthian is taken from classical Greek architecture, one of the three orders of classical architecture known as, Doric, Ionic and Corinthian.

The Corinthian style was developed in the Greek city of Corinth in about 400 BC. Although of Greek origin, the style was principally used by the Romans, who used it extensively through the vast Roman empire.

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