The French 18th Century is known as the “French Rococo” period.  This article presents a Louis XV bronze doré chamber stick in this highly decorative style.  

“Bougeoir Pour Chambre a Couches”  

The chamber stick is from a lost wax cast, in gilded bronze.  The style is in classic Rococo form: free flowing, formal, yet natural. The term “Rococo” is derived in origin from Italian, with its reference to garden rock work.  This title belongs to the earlier 17th century Baroque from which the Rococo developed.   

In France, the style is known as Rocaille and also known as the “Style Pompadour”.  This chamber stick demonstrates the essence of the Rococo - inspired by nature, free flowing and exuberant with its repertoire of rock work, shells, flowers, foliage and flowing, almost liquid, scrollwork. It is often referred to as “C and S scrolling”. The letters are an expression of its flowing curvaceous style.  

From its inception as an art form, the Rococo was an important element of French culture, throughout the ancient regime.  Art in all its forms, in 18th century France, was aristocratic and highly reflective of the flamboyant style of the court, throughout the reign of Louis XV, (1715-1774).  

The Rococo led the way in painting, silver, bronze, porcelain and architecture. It reached its most sublime expression in France, although much imitated in Italy, Germany and, to a lesser extent, England.      

The chamber stick is now a bed side lamp and is matched with a custom made shade, produced by The Antique & Vintage Table Lamp Co in self lined ivory silk, gathered, with “carnation” ruffled treatment. The overall height of the chamber stick / bed side lamp(including shade) is 46cm.