The Bolon Studio introduces a new range of vinyl flooring tiles inspired by the curvature of terracotta rooftop tiles.

Featuring a graphic profile and an organic curvature with a fluid form, the versatile flooring tile made of woven vinyl with roll backing, is available in a broad range of colours and patterns that can be combined for a playful yet elegant expression.

Thanks to its innovative form, Wave can be installed in different directions – depending on the choice of collection, the direction of the weft, and lighting of the space, the patterns will look completely different.

The almost unlimited design versatility of these flooring tiles creates room for bespoke interiors. 

Klara Persson, Designer

 “Wave contains movement, as well as a sense of calm. The design is highly adaptable, allowing users to create different shapes by combining two or three tiles together, or else allowing the direction of the pattern to change between two rows.”

Bolon is available from TAG - the andrews group.