Wellness and wellbeing were the primary themes of the design brief for HBF’s new Perth headquarters. A traditional health insurance company, HBF used the opportunity to transform into an organisation focussed on the good health and well-being of their staff and members.                                      

Aligned with HBF’s vision, architecture firm Geyer designed HBF’s new Perth Headquarters to encourage movement and connection, ultimately resulting in a healthy working environment. Material selection was an important component of the wellness design objective; the focus, therefore, was on incorporating hard-wearing finishes as well as a colourful palette to achieve a stimulating workplace environment.

BOLON Studio tiles available from The Andrews Group were chosen in a variety of colours to create boundaries within open spaces as well as to add a point of visual interest and texture to the space. About 923 square metres of this flooring were installed in the HBF office.

BOLON Studio tiles are highly durable and make a positive contribution to indoor air quality, perfectly complementing a healthy, happy and active workplace.