A brand new building product made entirely from natural materials is all set to revolutionise the Australian architecture and built environment. An Australian-first, the new product, Naxan is a sustainable building material with versatile application in decking, cladding, architectural facades, hand railings, fencing, interiors and window framing among many more.

Naxan, known globally as Resysta, has been introduced into the Australian market by Australian construction product supplier, TEXO.

Naxan is manufactured from three core natural materials, rice husk (60%), mineral oil (18%) and rock salt (22%), using advanced technology to create an engineered wood alternative that looks and feels like hardwood without chopping down a tree.

Naxan can be used anywhere across detached housing construction, or mid high density residential, commercial, retail and industrial projects.

This engineered wood alternative delivers several benefits including environment-friendly characteristics with all-natural construction; natural weather resistance against sun, rain, frost and salt water ensuring the product remains free of swelling, splintering, rotting and cracking; termite and pest resistance eliminating any need to treat or replace material due to damage; guaranteed long lifespan, saving time and money over the long term; BAL 40 fire rating, making it suitable for bushfire prone areas; slip-resistant and anti-fungal properties ideal for use in marine areas and decking applications in wet zones such as pools; and 15-year warranty.

Describing Naxan as a sustainable product set to revolutionise the building industry in Australia, TEXO Group Sales & Marketing Manager, Stephen Sigmund said Naxan looks and handles like wood but without the environmental impact of traditional commercial timber growing and logging.

“In an era when natural resources are becoming increasingly scarce, TEXO recycles a natural waste product into an innovative and sustainable construction material for architects, builders and homeowners.

“At the same time, Naxan requires minimal care and is extremely durable, strong and long-lasting, carrying a 15-year warranty; it is the perfect choice for a wide variety of residential and commercial settings.”

TEXO has secured exclusive rights to the marketing and sales of Resysta under the Naxan brand in Australia and New Zealand. Initially, Naxan will be available across the Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong markets, although the company is already fielding enquiries from across the country.

According to Mr Sigmund, there has been a significant level of pre-launch interest in Naxan simply because of its adaptability to such a wide range of building and commercial environments. TEXO is currently receiving enquiries from a number of Tier 1 builders, developers and architects.

He adds that Naxan comes with a strong international pedigree with major brands such as Starbucks using the product to provide highly tactile and resilient fitouts in their retail stores, while Hilton Hotels have also used the product in outdoor decking and pool areas.