The craft of Insitu Terrazzo has returned on several high end projects in Sydney. Insitu Terrazzo is poured on site (hence “insitu”) creating a truly seamless floor finish that is second to none in terms of durability and maintenance. There are no grout joints to clean just a completely flat surface.

“We mainly use Insitu Terrazzo where clients do not want to see the grout lines of our terrazzo tiles. It really is the premium flooring product for a cost less than that of some imported marbles and granites,” Project Manager Laurence Donati says.

The team at Terrazzo Australian Marble Pty Ltd have on hand a team of highly skilled tradesmen specialising in the laying and grinding of Insitu Terrazzo. Another benefit of Terrazzo is the endless colour scheme available, with a sample service available to achieve exactly the effect the architect or designer is looking for.

Insitu Terrazzo also has a completely uniform distribution of marble aggregates, unlike polished concrete where the aggregate mix can be patchy. The photograph shows a recently completed project in Sydney’s northern suburbs where Insitu Terrazzo was used throughout the house included matching pre cast units for the staircases.

“The design flexibility of Terrazzo cannot be matched by any other product, basically, if it can be formed, it can be done in Terrazzo. As a matter of fact at the moment we are doing a project that has a sunken Roman bath made entirely in Terrazzo” Donati adds.