Termimesh  provides effective pest control solutions, especially for termites. The environmentally friendly termite control system is made of unique stainless steel mesh that can be integrated into the client’s house during design and construction. The stainless steel termite control is flexible to suit different applications. In addition to termite control solutions, Termimesh also offers solutions for controlling other pests and helps to create an environment which is not attractive to pests. Pest control solutions from Termimesh are reliable and have been proven safe.

The ultimate idea behind installing any pest control solution is to prevent pests from entering through concealed areas. If termite control solutions are to be installed in homes, plumbing pipes would be the first place to be protected. Outer cavities of the home is the second area where termite control barrier has to be installed. Termimesh termite control barrier does not require any premium or inspection annually and has a warranty for 10 years.

Termimesh’s environmentally friendly termite control system has been granted Conformity Certificate from Australia Building Codes Board.