It can be extremely difficult to treat termite infestation once the insects have reached a building, and with this in mind Termimesh's pest control division Termitrust, provide Exterra termite control stations.

These stations are installed around a building, and baited with a termite attractant. Termites which might have otherwise attacked the building will then go to the stations instead.

The termite control stations have been designed to ensure that they can be inspected without disturbing any termites that might be present. This is important, as if the insects are disturbed, they will tend to go elsewhere.

When termites are detected, a bait matrix is placed in the stations. The bait is a chitin synthesis inhibitor which disrupts the moulting process of the termite and prevents it from developing further.

Termites will then carry the bait from the termite control stations back to the colony, gradually eliminating it.

At this stage, the building is safe from that particular colony. Fresh interceptors are usually installed at this point to monitor and prevent future termite activity.