Tensile designed and engineered a catenary light system for the prestigious Henley Square redevelopment at Henley Beach, Adelaide, also supplying the cables and fittings for the project. Henley Square is a prominent public space in Adelaide designed for people to relax and enjoy the incredible ocean views.

Working as part of the consultant team, Tensile installed the cables to blend in unobtrusively; barely noticeable by day, the catenary lighting system lights up the sky above Henley Square at night, much like the Milky Way. The stunning decorative lighting doesn’t intrude on the space in any way. All the cables and lights are suspended high in the air between purpose built canopies, leaving the public domain free of any poles or masts that would ordinarily hold these types of cables. 

Featuring a simple yet appealing design, the catenary lighting system uses lightweight cables that can span long distances; some of the cables in this project are up to 30m long, and due to the minimal weight of the LEDs, the cables are only 4mm in diameter. Regardless of their length, the cables do not sway around excessively in the wind due to their strength and the tension that can be applied to them.

Tensile modelled the cables to ensure an optimum outcome, with the efficient installation further reducing the engineering forces to the structure. The lights are RGB and IP rated for outdoor use, allowing them to be reprogrammed with any media desired, and enhancing the public amenity at night.