Tensile Design & Construct created a striking facade for a hotel in Switzerland using Jakob Webnet mesh.

The tensioned stainless steel Webnet screen stands 6.8m high x 18.5m wide with over 2000 aluminium triangles attached to the structure. With the hotel located right on the motorway, the Webnet forms a lightweight semi-transparent billboard. A reflective film coating on the triangles keeps them iridescent throughout the day and night.

Tensile’s innovative facade feature can be adapted for different applications from car park facades, factory walls and blank service shafts to corporate branding requirements. These mesh screens can be customised with colour options for the triangle shapes, and choices available for shapes, fonts or characters.

The use of Webnet mesh as the sub-structure means minimal loading will be applied to any existing building, allowing retrofits. With an open area of well over 70 per cent, the mesh feature would not be impacted by wind forces unlike more traditional signage or tensioned banner solutions.