Tensile used a total of 15,000m of stainless steel cables and rods to design and construct the cable system for the green facades wrapping the One Central Park development in Sydney. Tensile’s cable system spanning 34 floors across three facades of the two buildings supports over 2500 climbers and vines.

Tensile Design & Construct completed the project over a period of three years. Extensive engineering and modelling were undertaken by Tensile including wind tunnel studies of various species to understand the full impact on the plants and building from having climbers over 110m in the air.

The wind tunnel studies in particular provided for the first time, definitive results on the climbers’ behaviour in high winds along with the resultant forces travelling back into the building connections.

Tensile has applied the lessons learned during the One Central Park green facades execution on many other projects through a continuous process of improvement and refinement.