Tenderlink , established in 1994, is a tender notification service that provides information about various tenders published in the print media. Tenderlink sources its information through a number of websites such as government, councils and other known sources. Tenderlink also provides exclusive access to tenders that are published in various e-tendering website portals. Tenderlink offer it services to major procurers such as Spotless, Boeing, Transfield, universities and councils throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Most of the publicly advertised tenders pass through the Tenderlink’s system. Through this system, customers can search online or can have the tenders matching their profile. Tenders matching customers’ profile are emailed to the customers on a daily basis. In addition to matching profiles and emailing options, tender documents can also be downloaded from the system. Tenderlink offers over 600 categories to choose from and publishes tenders within the geographic areas. Tenderlink has included subscription offers which provides access to many exclusive tenders

Whether it is a procurer wanting to advertise its tender notices or a supplier requiring a tender notification service, Tenderlink specialises in electronic tendering which helps in bringing both the purchaser and the supplier online.

Tenderlink is an e-tendering portal that provides exclusive tenders to procurers. For suppliers, Tenderlink offers a subscription to online and email tender notification service which provides access to all publicly advertised tenders.