Temporary Flexible Downpipe ® provides an effective way of preventing the structural damage and unsafe working conditions created by the lack of temporary roof water catchment in the early stages of construction.

Made from UV-protected recycled polypropylene, the temporary downpipes are attached to gutter outlets with a double-sided adhesive sponge collar and then securely clamped into place with wire ties and bound with plumber's tape. The flexible plastic tubing can then be cut to the length required for connection to an existing storm water drain, or extended across the site to drain the water away from the building.

There are fewer accidents on site because storm water is drained away from the most trafficked area around the building. Keeping this area drier limits the build up of mud on footwear, which is a common cause of falls and injuries, and provides more stable support for mobile and fixed scaffolding.

The risk of structural damage, such as slab heave, is considerably reduced because the foundations are kept dry. As stated in ‘The Australian Standards’, AS 2870, “Water run-off shall be collected and channelled away from the house during construction”. Less time is lost because water absorbent surfaces are no longer saturated by uncontrolled run off and buildings dry out more quickly.

Carpenters, bricklayers, plasterers and painters can work behind the temporary flexible downpipes unhindered, which is a real plus when a high standard of building finish is required, and then the permanent downpipes are fitted when their work is completed.

Installing Temporary Flexible Downpipe as soon as the gutters and drains are in place also makes it easier to comply with municipal laws that require all sediment to be contained on site. They reduce the amount of silt being washed into storm water systems and waterways, helping to prevent clogged drains and limit damage to the environment.

The Temporary Flexible Downpipe® system has the potential to improve workplace practices throughout the building industry, and everybody stands to win - building companies, tradesmen, clients and the environment.

Temporary Flexible Downpipe kit includes a 45 metre length of 200mm diameter with enough fittings for every 3 metres.