The new rain sensors from TecHome deliver several benefits to the residential and commercial sectors with their versatile capabilities.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, TecHome’s TH495 rain sensors are made from marine grade stainless steel and offer an efficient rain detection solution for buildings with opening roofs to ensure automatic closure of the roof system. The sensor has been designed for simple upkeep, and only requires cleaning once a year.

The TH495’s capabilities extend beyond rain detection. TecHome’s rain sensors are also used in outdoor water tanks to monitor water levels. Placed inside the water tank using the five-metre wire, the sensor alerts the user when water levels have reached a certain point, allowing the user to close the water tank.

TecHome’s TH495 rain sensors have also been used in greenhouses and nurseries to detect excess moisture so that windows can be opened to create a favourable atmosphere for plants.

The TH495 can be used standalone or paired with one of TecHome's wireless controllers for easy pushbutton control.