TecHome introduces a new remote controlled power point that enables homeowners to control multiple household systems and equipment installed outdoors.

Featuring two power outlets and supporting a maximum load of 2400 watts, TecHome’s new remote power switch is perfect for controlling and powering outdoor lighting systems for pools, spa areas, gardens, patios, decks, barbeque areas or any other outdoor entertainment spots as well as water pumps, filters and chlorinators.

TecHome’s remote controlled power switches allow homeowners to control various lighting systems and power-drawing household units in the outdoor space from a central hub. The power switch can be particularly useful, for instance, to turn on lights at sundown when entertaining guests in the outdoor areas of the home.

TecHome’s remote power switch has two outlets and can support up to three devices. Each outlet can be operated independently with a remote controller, allowing the user to selectively turn off devices. For example, if one of the outlets on the remote power switch controls the lighting system, while another is hooked up to the water filters and chlorinators for the pool, the homeowner can use the remote control to turn the lights on and off without disrupting power flow to the pool filtration and chlorination system, even though the two separate devices are using power from the same source.

TecHome remote controlled power switches are entirely waterproof and easy to install.

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