Tec-LED Lighting Pty Ltd announces the release of a new series of high CRI LED strips that deliver a high CRI of 92 compared to the industry standard of 83.

An acronym for Colour Rendering Index, CRI refers to the amount of colour accuracy delivered by a light source. A high CRI therefore means that the product under the light most accurately resembles its true colour.

For instance, an interior designer has carefully selected a carpet for a luxurious hotel. However, when the LED strips installed under the bed to create a floating effect is switched on, the carpet looks different from the colour approved by the designer. Though the carpet manufacturer is summoned, testing proves that the carpet is as per the sample supplied, but the lights cause a colour shift.

Similarly, tiles carefully selected for an expensive penthouse in the Rocks, Sydney appeared to have a strange greenish tint, which was traced back to the lighting.

Colour is therefore, very important for architectural projects, and the industry standard of a CRI reading of 83 may not pass the test.

Tec-LED Lighting’s high CRI strips are available in a range of colour temperatures and light intensities, and are recommended for achieving a true colour result.