Tec-Know Display and Lighting offers flat recessed LED ceiling Lights that are supplied as standard with a high quality lumisheet acrylic plate encased in a silver or white coloured aluminium frame.

These recessed ceiling lights are available in Cool White and Warm White, 7 or 14 WATT, all with dimmable options. They are slim and designed as flush ceiling downlights that can be easily installed with spring clips. These LED ceiling lights from Tec-Know will fit in to a ceiling cavity measuring less than 50mm high.

All flat recessed ceiling lights are supplied with quality SMD LEDs, meaning the lights benefit from the properties of LED chips. Benefits include longer life (>50,00hrs), less energy use, no flicker, no hum, no UV, no IR, and no mercury. 

Tec-Know flat recessed LED ceiling lights provide the desired light with less heat (only 4 degrees Celsius above ambience) and more environmental protection.