TCK Solar have been thinking, what ways can solar be used outside of the home in order to make a positive impact upon the world?

After some research they discovered that an increasingly common trend around the globe is creating solar power farms in car parks, mainly in supermarket and retail hub car parks.

Seen above is an image of a small car park at a German supermarket, this is new type of solar farm that is also being seen across the West Coast of the United States, in particular Arizona and Californian, two states renowned for their sunny disposition.

The idea behind solar farm car parks is simple, unused space is being used to harness the suns energy and an additional bonus to consumers is that their vehicles are also provided with extra protection from the heat and other elements.

We are hoping that more and more Australian retailers approach the future with green methods such as the solar farm car park in mind. In Chatswood, on Sydney’s sunny Northern Shore, The Willoughby City Council set in action a plan to establish a solar farm opposite a major shopping hub in a neighboring high rise car park.

With “552 SCHOTT Solar Poly Perform 245W modules coupled with 8 SMA STP17000TL inverters” in place the council had the goal of producing 248.2MWh of electricity per annum in a bid to curb the council’s consumption and costs, in addition the reduction of C02 emissions by over 270 per annum.