The painting contractor working on the VSQ North development in Sydney chose to partner with Taubmans for the supply of paints and coatings to be used in the project.

A standout residential project positioned as a gateway to Sydney’s inner city, the VSQ North development is a short four kilometres from the CBD and is one of the most dominant architectural forms visible when entering the city from the airport.

Designed by architecture practice Turner Studio and developed by Meriton, VSQ North soars 27 levels into the sky and is composed of four main building forms at various levels. The facades are composed of a combination of solid walls and balustrades made of precast concrete with a paint coating, curtain glazing facilitating excellent elevated views, and other materials such as steel and metal finishes, and even sandstone at various points.

The strategy for colour and coatings on the exterior of this multifaceted building was an expression of the designer’s overall vision. To meet the objective of creating a luxurious and timeless framework that wouldn’t be impacted by changing trends, the designers decided to forego bold or ‘feature’ colours that might have aged the building prematurely. Instead, the building’s exposed precast walls were finished in subtly varying shades of crisp white and a family of related pale colours, to better show off the definite architectural forms, and emphasise the formal lines.

Given that a large part of the building exterior would be finished with a paint coating, the painting contractor sought to partner with the best, seeking firstly, a paint and coating manufacturer and supplier providing exceptional service; and secondly a finish that would stand up to the climatic exposure of such a tall building.

Having worked together previously on several projects, the painting contractor chose Taubmans as their project partner. Taubmans All Weather Range was selected to meet the requirements of the demanding climatic and environmental conditions, and ensure a lasting finish on the building exterior.

For the interiors, Taubmans Pure Performance was the chosen paint system: The paint is not only easy to work with, but also provides an excellent finish that perfectly balances the required level of sheen and serviceability. Representing great value, the paint is ideal for high-end commercial painting projects.

During construction, the Taubmans team made fortnightly visits to the site to ensure the surface preparation, painting and coating applications met their stringent quality standards. This attention to detail has built the foundations of the longstanding and successful relationship with the contractor.