Taubmans paints and coatings were selected by the building designers of the Spirit on The Avenue in Darwin developed by Osborne Family Holdings as a resort-style residential development.

Comprising of a mix of one, two and three bedroom dwellings, the Spirit building is stage two of a planned three-stage development by Osborne Family Holdings; stage one was the purely residential Hastings Over Mindil, and stage three will be Soul, the twin to Spirit’s fluid, gentle form.

Designing structures and specifying products that can withstand the harsh environmental conditions of the Darwin climate are essential to the success of any project in the Territory. Mark Bell of Bell Gabbert Associates, the designers of Spirit on The Avenue and the development overall, explained that a key objective of the building design was to manage the implications of the harsh and unforgiving climate.

Though the original brief sought a building that was largely rectangular in plan, Mark suggested the fluid, curving floor plans with deep balconies that were ultimately adopted across the design of all of the towers. The balcony edges effectively act as ‘solar screens’, keeping direct sunlight off the thermal mass of the building core.

The paint and coatings required for the exterior had to be able to stand up to full exposure to sun and rain, and also have a solid warranty for a reasonable period to minimise the ongoing maintenance cost for residents. Given the harsh environment, making the wrong choice of paint and colour could lead to blistering, fading, cracking and peeling, or even the rampant growth of mould.

Builder Sunbuild chose Taubmans Armawall for this application, with Taubmans proactively ensuring that all aspects of installation met with their high standards. It was important to prepare the substrate or painting surface properly to ensure a long-lasting finish. With the technology built into the paint, and a range of textured finishes achieved, the external finish of the building was delivered with a warranty exceeding ten years, which is an achievement for tropical applications.

The brief for the interiors was to create a neutral backdrop with painted surfaces, allowing kitchen joinery to introduce a touch of colour in each apartment with several different joinery colour schemes available to the purchaser. Taubmans Endure satisfied the client’s and the builder’s need for a generous warranty, while providing a range of finishes from matt to gloss. Taubmans Endure contains Nanoguard technology to prevent the growth of mould on interior surfaces.

With the designers, developer and builder working with the best products available and in particular, a proven paint system with an established reputation for excellence, residents of Spirit can be assured that their building will keep looking good well into the future.