Access floors can deliver unlimited ability to house and reticulate data and electrical services on demand and includes underfloor air distribution.

Many green and high-performance sustainable buildings worldwide are now incorporating underfloor air distribution.

Whether using chilled beams, conditioned air to the floor void, or just using the floor void to distribute fresh air, access floors combine to assist in reducing energy costs, improving indoor air quality, and enhancing personal comfort and productivity.

The access floor plenum is simply filled with fresh or conditioned air at a slight positive pressure, which is delivered into the occupied space through swirl diffusers or fan air terminals.

The air is delivered into the office space in a controlled manner to create the ideal comfort for the working environment.

To enhance the effectiveness of the underfloor air distribution, Tasman Access Floors has locally designed an underfloor plenum divider system for breaking underfloor areas into different zones. This allows greater flexibility when cooling internal or perimeter zones.

Benefits of using underfloor air distribution

  • Designed to provide better health, productivity and contentment of staff within the office environment
  • Improved ventilation is achieved as a clean, fresh and healthy air supply from floor to ceiling stratifies the air and enhances natural convection
  • Personalised local comfort control
  • Faster churn capabilities
  • Facilitates energy savings with improved fresh or conditioned air distribution