Tate Tasman Access Floors recently showcased its new in-floor cooling systems are the Data Centre Trade Show held in Sydney on 14 June 2012.

These innovative products include:
  • DirectAire™ airflow panel
  • SmartAire® variable-air-volume (VAV) damper
  • PowerAire® fan-assist module
  • KOLDLOK® air sealing grommets
All four products are cost-effective solutions for high-density, diverse and variable-load data centre environments.

Some of the key benefits include:
  • DirectAire™ achieves 93% total air capture. Unlike other floor panels, DirectAire™ delivers airflow to standard server racks at an angle, achieving a 93% rate of Total Air Capture (TAC). 
  • SmartAire® controls airflow to server racks. SmartAire® dampers are electronically controlled, precisely adjusting the amount of air passing through an individual panel to meet the rack's current cooling needs. 
  • PowerAire® cools hot spots in data centre. The PowerAire® fan-assist module effectively manages the cooling requirements for dense server racks and blades.
  • KOLDLOK® improves air sealing performance. Tate KOLDLOK air sealing grommet is designed to prevent air leakage from the underfloor plenum where penetrations in a raised floor are needed to deliver power, data and other services to equipment above the floor.
Tate Tasman's data centre can provide more information on its in-floor cooling devices and White Paper on data centre cooling.