Tasman Access Floors  offers various types of air grills and perforated access floor panels, which are designed to be incorporated in their raised access floors.

These products are typically used in computer rooms, data centres where the environment is controlled using underfloor air distribution and for perimeters of offices where the glass windows requires additional air flow.

The air grills and panels are available with or without air dampers, which regulate the volume of air passing through them.

The air grilles are available in anodised aluminium or steel and in standard sizes of 600mm X 300mm and 600mm X 600mm. They can also be made to custom dimensions.

The air grilles are also matched to the various thicknesses of the access floor panel system used to deliver a consistent flat floor.

The perforated air flow panel is a laminated steel access floor panel, which has been engineered with perforations to allow air flow through it.

The perforated air flow panel matches the surrounding raised access floor and comes with or without an air flow damper. These panels are 600mm X 600mm, which match the standard access floor panel size.