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    Underfloor Air from Tate Access Floors

    In-Floor Chilled Beams offer numerous advantages over their traditional overhead counterparts. By utilising the increasingly popular design of Under Floor Air Distribution, it eliminates the need for extensive costly duct work.  

    Chilled beams also use preconditioned air. In the case of an air handler breaking down, condensate can easily be piped to a drain.

    There is also less concern about water line leaks as chilled water has been brought to the perimeter under a raised floor.

    Aesthetically, Tate's In-Floor Chilled Beam provides a clean appearance. Linear grilles can either be segmented or continuous, seamlessly integrating into the design of the space.

    Our In-Floor Chilled Beam is available in 3 options: 2 pipe model, 4 pipe model and 2 pipe model with electric heat.

    Features of In-Floor Chilled Beams:

    • Handles perimeter heating and cooling loads
    • Chilled water is delivered safely below the floor
    • Gain the full energy efficiency advantage of water for cooling and heating by conditioning at the source of the load
    • Preconditioned plenum air delivered to the chilled beam will not produce condensate
    • Ability to use water below dew point and control condensation
    • Easily manage shoulder season conditioning
    • Gain advantages of stratified airflow vs overhead chilled beams

    Swirl Diffuser

    Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) offers better individual comfort to occupants, improved indoor air quality and greater flexibility while still reducing energy consumption.

    Diffusers are installed within an access floor panel and can be relocated at any point on the floor plate.

    Features of Swirl Diffusers:

    • Allows user to control air flow for individual comfort
    • Easy to relocate to another area by simply swapping the floor panel with the one in the new location
    • Provides improved indoor air quality to occupants
    • Available in aluminium and plastic
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