Tascot Carpets’ Design Studio researches and responds to global trends, developing custom design solutions for client’s reference. NOW Floor Designs offers a wide range of flooring solutions designed to enhance your space. Consisting of various design stories, each design has been created in exquisite detail with emphasis placed on colour, texture, shape and movement. Derived from the inspirations and creativity of Tascot Carpets’ designers, the collection has an organic feel to each piece.

As part of this collection, Tascot Carpets is pleased to announce the addition of two new design stories to the NOW Floor Designs collection.

The two new design stories, Organic Lines and Modern Scrolls, have been added to the contemporary design stories within the NOW Floor Designs’ folders. Tascot’s designers have created each piece to reflect the organic, abstract trends currently seen throughout Europe. The two stories sit perfectly within the NOW Floor Designs collection.

Modern Scrolls’ designs are graceful, elaborate and flowing. They are contemporary with a touch of old world elegance. Each design is fluid, organic and ensured to bring life to any environment they are placed in.

Organic Lines’ designs are interwoven, erratic and enlivened. The lively designs are created from intertwining lines, hatches and textures to create the ideal flooring designs for modern spaces.

The exclusive, limited edition NOW Floor Designs are an exciting addition to Tascot Carpets’ range of carpet design solutions.