Tascot Carpets  is a designer and manufacturer of high quality carpets for commercial and residential applications.

Doncaster Shopping Town Hotel located in Doncaster, Victoria is one of Australian gaming magnate, Bruce Mathieson’s ALH flagship venues. The refurbishment project for the Bistro and Gaming Room at the hotel took over 12 months to complete.  

Tania Ephraim of Saffron Design was commissioned to renovate the venue based on her experience in renovating establishments of vastly different demographics. The Bistro and Gaming Room needed to suit such a varied market because of its location.

Tania had to come up with a carpet design that was both traditional and contemporary. Tania Ephraim visited Tascot Carpets’ design studio and worked closely with Naomi in the studio to come up with a contemporary design incorporating some traditional elements.

The custom-designed carpet was manufactured in Tascot’s Wellington quality in 69cm width with heat taped and dual bonded finish.

Bruce Mathieson Jnr comments that the revenue has increased so much he wishes he had refurbished much earlier.