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    Councils use Tamper Evident seals and tapes to protect their assets

    Tamper Evident

    Councils use Tamper Evident security seals and tapes to identify their property and help with security. Council employees are using a wide range of security seals and tapes on vehicles, vehicle maintenance doors and lids, switchboards, gates, access doors, safes, cash boxes, confidential documents and parcels. The integrity of their Council assets can be kept intact with the help of a security seal or tape.

    Tamper Evident security seals and tapes can be used in various industries including mining, manufacturing, government, legal, hospital, drug and pharmacy, electronic, transport and storage as well as banking and finance.

    Some examples where Tamper Evident seals and tapes can be used are:

    • Vehicle maintenance doors
    • Software/CDs/DVDs
    • Evidence bags
    • Cash bags
    • Safes and cash boxes
    • Storage areas and containers
    • Food containers
    • CCTV tapes
    • Drug containers
    • Valves and outlets
    • Computer and electronic equipment
    • Test tube samples
    • Power boards and switches
    • Asset labels
    • Courier/Transported/Postal Packages and documents

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