TAD Technical Careers & Contracts  is a specialist in providing human resource solutions for a variety of organisations in Australia. TAD Technical Careers & Contracts presents a full suite of employment services to cater to the requirements of various sectors like public service, infrastructure, shipping, aviation, petrochemical industries, utilities, mining and exploration, transportation, consulting services and engineering.

Other sectors include manufacturing, oil and gas exploration, building, construction, architectural services, industrial, telecommunications and automotive. TAD Technical Careers & Contracts has a network of offices in various centres in Australia and client requirements are forwarded to the entire branch network to look for prospective candidates.

TAD Technical Careers & Contracts also has in international network for special needs in Asia, Europe, South Africa and the United States of America. TAD Technical Careers & Contracts has a number of experienced and professionally trained consultants and managers and also a host of technical personnel who support the management in ensuring accurate and satisfactory services for the customer.

Professionals at TAD Technical Careers & Contracts ensure up-to-date knowledge of employment related trends and developments that include expertise in industrial relations, work place safety, health and rehabilitation. TAD Technical Careers & Contracts also has ISO9002 certification for all its services.