TP Granule Infill from Synthetic Grass & Rubber Surfaces is a modern elastomeric infill material to be used in an artificial turf system.

The TP Granule Infill is based on a special developed thermoplastic in which the recent polymer technology is applied. The TP Granule Infill meets all the requirements of safety and environment.

The TP Granule Infill allows athletes to accelerate, pivot and make traction and torso movements similar to those made on natural grass.

The main goal in the development of TP Granule Infill was to include a good performance to support the artificial turf system towards high natural turf performance and characteristics and to reach the most stringent FIFA 1, FIFA 2 star requirements.

The advantages of TP Granule Infill are as follows:

1) Nature colour
TP Granule Infill has natural green or brown colour. It avoids several bad effects compared with the recycle black rubber. First, black is not harmonious with the green turf; Second, black will lead to high absorption from solar radiation, which causes the artificial turf overheating (up to 60-65°C, assuming the air temperature is 28-30°C); High surface temperatures will increase consumption of water to keep the field within tolerable temperatures.

2) Not produce dust
Recycle traditional rubber will be further broken under the outside mechanical stress and/or weather itself to the mini-granules.

They will be picked up or raised from the turf in the different ways. The dust is harmful to players and environment. TP Granule Infill has high wear resistance and does not produce dust.

3) Comfortable for player
The heat caused by the recycled traditional rubber will increase fatigue and discomfort, which reduce the athletic performance and add the risk of dehydration, causing skin blisters and - in extreme conditions - may even cause skin burns. TP Granule Infill overcomes it.

Recycle black rubber may produce more resilience and the stress on player’s muscles and joints may lead to premature fatigue. TP Granule Infill has the thermoplasticity of plastic and the resilience of rubber. TP Granule Infill provides suitable resilience.

TP Granule Infill keeps the infill layer loose and open. As a consequence, the artificial turf system performance does not degrade during time and the studs of the soccer shoes can still penetrate into the pitch giving the required grip. For the players, this means that he feels a consistent natural turf pitch performance.

4) Less installation time and reduced costs
TP Granule Infill has a higher density (1.1-1.5g/cm³) than recycle black rubber (0.4-0.8g/cm³), which prevents the rubber taken away by rain or loss risk. The artificial turf field will need less maintenance with TP Granule Infill.

TP Granule Infill reduces the opportunity of injury due to loss or migration of infill granules. TP Granule Infill provides a more stable and uniform playing surface in dry and wet conditions.

Artificial turf systems that are installed with TP Granule Infill show high performance that can be met without necessarily applying a shock absorbing sub base constructions, such as a lava/rubber mixture or e-layer. As a result, the total turf system can be simplified, which leads to less installation time and reduced costs.

5) Benign sports capability
TP Granule Infill is specifically designed to satisfy the performance needs of amateur, semi-professional and professional level of play: optimal ball roll, a natural shock absorption and safe, predictable sliding possibilities.

Specifications such as shape, particle size and specific density are carefully chosen to meet all the requirements for optimal playing characteristics.

The particle size distribution enables sufficient grip without sacrificing low sliding resistance. It also prevents compaction and hardening of the surface. The TP Granule Infill is also available with better wear ability, oxidation resistance, UV-stability and elasticity.

6) Compatible with other components
TP Granule Infill contains polyolefin, which is quite similar with the raw material of artificial turf. It is better for the characteristics of the whole system.

7) Environment-friendly
TP Granule Infill does not contain any harmful material to the environment. TP Granule Infill overcomes the carbon black from the recycle black rubber bad impact to human and environment. TP Granule Infill can also be recycled again when it is used.

8) No compaction
Undefined rectangular shaped granules as a result of grinding the rubber material ambient or cryogenically, result in an open structure of the infill layer directly after the installation of the pitch.

During time, these particles move and shift as puzzle pieces to a more solid layer, which results in a hard pitch in which the studs of the shoes cannot penetrate anymore to get a good grip. This does not happen to TP Granule Infill.