Soft fall/Safety Surfacing is a surface that provides an impact absorbing layer beneath the finish surface of your area.

There are various levels of impact absorbing layers available, each of them offering a different fall height to meet individual needs.

To meet Australian Standards for playground safety, Soft fall/Safety Surfacing is required. The level of Soft fall/Safety Surfacing required will depend on the play equipment you choose for your playground area.

Each piece of equipment will have its own free fall of height measure and its own Soft fall perimeter. Manufacturers of play equipment often stipulate what Soft fall is required for their equipment.

In the case where this information is not offered, measurements may be taken from plans of the equipment or one of Synthetic Grass & Rubber Surfaces’ representatives can visit an existing site for a full measure and quote.

Soft fall surfaces may be installed using Synthetic Grass or Rubber Wetpour. General play areas where there is no equipment, may also be covered in Synthetic Grass or Rubber Wetpour, these coverings are referred to as Wear Layers.

Soft fall/Safety Surfacing need only be installed to the required Safe Zone area of the play equipment, the remaining play area may consist of a wear layer. This kind of installation reduces the cost of your surfacing.

Synthetic Grass Soft fall is an affordable solution for your soft fall requirements, if properly maintained the life span of this surface is good.