Symonite aluminium composite panels were specified for the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane to meet the design requirements for long-lasting durable materials.

Commissioned by the Queensland Government and designed by Conrad Gargett in joint venture with Lyons, the award-winning Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital is the new hub of the state-wide network of paediatric services. Since the hospital was built to last, materials were chosen for quality and value delivered over a lifecycle.

SymoniteHD, an Australian Made and owned aluminium composite panel was selected for the facade of the hospital building as it met the strength, durability and aesthetic requirements of the project. A heavy duty, industrial strength panel, SymoniteHD features a fibre reinforced phenolic resin core, providing excellent impact resistance, rigidity and durability, and making it the natural choice for a large-scale public institution.

Symonite’s industrial strength aluminium composite panels also met the high aesthetic standards established for the 359-bed hospital. The Symonite panels allowed the architects to specify colours to match their design vision. The long-lasting PVDF coating preserves the panel’s sleek appeal, eliminating any need to repaint and minimising ongoing maintenance.

The innovative Smartfix fixing system also helped maintain the aesthetic integrity of the hospital and the panels by creating a facade free of exposed fixings and sealants.

In addition to its durability and visual appeal, the locally designed and manufactured SymoniteHD panel displays excellent performance characteristics in terms of high thermal stability and ability to stand up to cyclonic conditions. Given that the hospital has to withstand the harsh climatic conditions of the subtropics, the SymoniteHD panel’s high temperature stability ensures panel flatness over a wide temperature range, preventing creep and telegraphic deformation of the external face.

Additionally, SymoniteHD is the only mechanically fixed aluminium composite panel facade system approved for use in cyclonic regions when used in conjunction with the Smartfix system.

The architects’ vision for a sustainable building design was complemented by the zero-VOC, long life SymoniteHD aluminium composite panels with their impeccable environmental credentials. Being a state-funded public project, the hospital also had to ensure value for money: SymoniteHD is not only cost-competitive compared to solid metal sheets, but its low maintenance costs make it a logical long-term choice for facade systems.

Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital wins big at 2015 Queensland Architecture Awards

Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital by Conrad Gargett Lyons was the most awarded project at the recently announced 2015 Queensland Architecture Awards. The landmark hospital project took home four awards including the FDG Stanley Award for Public Architecture and the Karl Langer Award for Urban Design.