The new composite resin access cover and turret from Sydney Water Tanks integrates the extra strength of composite resin technology in the access turret and cover with reinforced steel concrete tanks. The new hybrid tank can be placed completely underground with no unsightly concrete turrets protruding above ground.  

The new composite resin access cover can withstand a load of 1.5tonnes (15Kn), and because it is constructed from strong materials, will not chip or crack.  

Weighing just 8.3kgs, the composite resin access cover is less than 20% of the weight of an equivalent cast iron or concrete cover. The composite resin access cover is water tight, and can be finished flush with the lawn, eliminating any worries that overland ground water flows will infiltrate and pollute the tank.

The access turret unit consists of:

  • Non slip finish to access cover
  • Water tight ‘O’ ring seal to prevent ground water or mud entering the tank
  • Three stainless steel bolts to secure the cover which can be security bolted if required, each with rubber plugs to stop dirt deposits
  • Stainless steel mosquito screen to prevent mosquitoes breeding in the tank
  • Leaf filter to trap and prevent gross pollutants entering the tank
  • Safety grid under leaf filter acts as a second child safety barrier when the cover is removed
  • 100mm full flow flap valve for backflow prevention and to stop vermin entering the tank from the overflow pipe
  • 600mm clear opening to tank